MapMarker & Teleporter - 2

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R Study Mod v0.0.2 by GitHub

Add a teleporter to Breezehome.

Click "Interiors" from [World Space] in the [Cell View] window.
Search "WhiterunBreezehome" from the list.
(Entering the characters "WhiterunBreezehome" in order will make it easier to find by incremental search.)
(Interiors will list all the cells in the room including dungeons etc.)

Double-click "WhiterunBreezehome" from the list view on the left.

Operate [Render Window] to find the place to place Trap Door.
The points of operation of [Render Window] are as follows.
- Scale with mouse wheel
- Hold down the Space key and move the mouse to move the display position
- Hold down the Shift key and move the mouse to move point of view
- By clicking on the displayed item itself becomes the center

In [Object Window] [Filter], enter "TrapDoor" and click [*All].
From the list view on the right side of [Object Window], drag & drop "WinterholdTrapdoor01" to [Render Window].

Adjust the position.

Search "RiftenRaggedFlagon" from the list in the [Cell View] window.
Move the previously placed TrapDoor and place it in front of it.

From the list view on the right side of [Object Window], drag & drop "WinterholdTrapdoor01" to [Render Window].

Search "WhiterunBreezehome" from the list in the [Cell View] window.
Right-click the item added in [Cell View], and click Edit from the context menu.

Enter name in [Reference Editor ID:].
Click the [Select Reference in Render Window] button.
Then double click on TrapDoor Arrangement in Ragged Flagon displayed in [Render Window].

Also edit the contents of RaggedFlagon side.

Enable fast travel from Interiors

Right-click the "RiftenRaggedFlagon" in [Cell View], and click [Edit] from the context menu.

Click [Can not move from here] in the [Cell] window to uncheck it.

Together, set "WhiterunBreezehome" in the same way.

There are problems as it is

I added TrapDoor to Breezehome, but I arranged it to embed it in the wall.
Therefore, when you move from Ragged Flagon, it will become buried in the wall.

Adjust the appearing position.

that's all

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